Therapist Talk Therapy – Parental Alienation at PCI College

 I am delighted to have been invited to discuss the topic of parental alienation on Therapists talk Therapy at PCI college. See the link here:

Parental alienation is a concept relevant to children and young people who inexplicably resist or refuse contact/access/ relationships with a previously loving parent for no justifiable reason.

We explore the history of this concept as well as the disagreement which exists around it. We discuss how it might show up in the therapy room through the use of case study examples. It is useful for therapists to be aware of how it might present in their work. Brian is an accredited systemic family therapist with a particular interest in parental alienation.

He has designed the only academically accredited postgraduate programme on the subject, in association with the Institute of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice in Malta, with students attending from around the world. He is the founding editor of the only peer reviewed journal on the topic, the European Journal of Parental Alienation Practice, which is devoted to scholarly exploration of parental alienation.

Pleas follow these links to find out more about Brian’s work:  and

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