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This event has been approved for 4 Learning Credits for the members of The Psychological Society of Ireland.

Parental Alienation: Understanding, assessment and intervention for children and families

This workshop is suitable for professionals who work with children and families, particularly those who work with the repercussions of family breakdown.  Psychologists, social workers and mental health professionals in particular will find this interactive CPD of benefit.

The aims of this workshop are:

  1. To provide a grounding in the theoretical models, global research, assessment protocols and evidence based interventions relevant to parental alienation
  2. To enable identification of risk factors and alienating behaviours in children, carers and families
  3. To consider differentiation between justifiable estrangement and parental alienation
  4. Formulation for parental alienation
  5. Intervention plans for alienation incorporating multi-disciplinary approaches


  • History of parental alienation.
  • Contemporary literature.
  • Current and past significant contributors to the field.
  • Definition of PA.
  • Differentiating PA from true estrangement
  • Pathological triangles, enmeshment and corrupted boundaries.
  • The alienated / targeted parent – Impact
  • The alienating / aligned parent – strategies used
  • The alienated child – clinical presentation & case studies
  • The voice of the child.
  • Counter intuitives for professionals
  • Evidence based assessments for PA
  • Interventions

Learning and teaching strategy:

This seminar will focus on the key theories of Parental Alienation. This learning will be augmented by group process and experiential exercises with facilitator guidance and input.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module learners will be able to:

  1. Explicate and deconstruct the development of parental alienation in Ireland and abroad.
  2. Critically compare and contrast a variety of alienating theoretical concepts.
  3. Integrate theory into professional practice.
  4. Synthesise a range of advanced and in depth skills and theoretical knowledge relevant to parental alienation informed practice.
  5. Construct, utilise and integrate visual presentations of relationships and contexts into client work appropriately and effectively.
  6. Formulate a clinical case in a coherent manner in an ethical reflexive manner with due attention to context of referral, descriptions of the presenting problem and engagement to date.

Further CPD Training is being planned for 2019.

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