Published Articles

Hi welcome to the published articles section of my website

Here you will find a number of articles that I have published in peer reviewed and non – peer reviewed Journals nationally and internationally. Please feel free to download and use these if you wish. I only ask that you reference the material appropriately.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting the power point presentations of my lectures and seminars at post graduate conferences here and abroad too so check back with us soon.

Parental alienation a systemic perspective
The Alienated Child
Parental Alienation In Ireland
What Are Paramedics Attitudes, to Patients that Present with Self Harming Behaviours in Ireland?
Parental Alienation: Understanding, assessment and intervention for children and families
Family Bridges: An evidence based educational alternative for alienated child- parent relationships
Does Helping Hurt
Children as young as eight receiving drugs counselling
Parental alienation should be criminal offence, says group