Parental Alienation Europe – Third International Conference

Date for your dairy, Tuesday October 25, 2022.

Here at Parental Alienation Europe we are delighted to announce our third international conference on Parental Alienation,   scheduled on Tuesday October 25 online.

This year’s conference occurs at a time of increased discussion and debate regarding Parental Alienation. For example, the Dutch Government announcing an agreed action plan for parental alienation, the ongoing developments in the Romanian Parliament, as well as the public consultation by the Irish Government regarding Parental Alienation, among others.

At this time, we have noticed the circulation of a lot of misinformation regarding parental alienation.

This conference will provide discerning professionals, practitioners, advocates, parents and policy makers an opportunity to hear from the experts drawing upon evidence-based best practice to inform you regarding the phenomenon of parental alienation.

Here at Parental Alienation Europe we believe parental alienation is a child welfare issue.

Therefore this year’s conference will place the focus where we believe it belongs,  optimising the outcomes for children and young people subjected to the coercive control and family violence that is parental alienation.

We are delighted to have international expert speakers from the UK, US, Canada, Malta, Israel, Australia, Tasmania and Ireland. Each one will invite delegates to consider their work from a legal, social, psychological and therapeutic perspective across research and practice regarding the re-connection of alienated children with their normal range healthy parents.

One example includes our Co-founder Brian O’Sullivan who will invite delegates to consider the work he has been doing in Ireland  to successfully reconnect alienated children with their normal range healthy but alienated parent since 2019 and through Covid-19.

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