E- Consultations

What is it?

Online consultations are  where, a client and therapist work together through the medium of online communication rather than in face to face sessions.Online Consultation

Online psychotherapy may offer a variety of mediums through which to work. These include instant message sessions, telephone consultations or video call consultations.

It differs from traditional Psychotherapy in that the practitioner and client are not in the same room during their work together.

It is similar to traditional psychotherapy in that:

It takes place within a boundaried setting, in pre-booked 50 min – hourly consultations.

It is bound by the same standards of confidentiality as face to face psychotherapy.

It is dependent on an open and honest relationship between client and practitioner.

It requires the practitioner to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for the client to explore the depths of themselves

It requires of the client a commitment to attend consultations and to work.

Why choose it e-psychotherapy

It is not restricted by geographical location or the limits imposed by local service availability.

Practitioner profiles can be viewed before making the appointment so that clients can gain some insight into the practitioner that they feel they would work best with, before committing to a consultation.

It offers more time flexibility as it is not restricted to 9-5 office hours. As sessions can take place without travel, the time requirement of attending psychotherapy can be dramatically reduced.

It offers further confidentiality, because it can be accessed from home and therefore does not require attending at a centre, which for some may delay initial contact through the anxiety of being seen.

It offers a convenience which enhances empowerment and independence to those who may require assistance to physically attend for face to face psychotherapy.

These sessions may take place through three online mediums, instant chat via a secure encrypted service provider and telephone psychotherapy via Skype and video call psychotherapy also via Skype.



Instant Chat:

Instant chat consultations are conducted through Skype. In an instant chat consultation, the client and practitioner communicate through the use of the instant chat (typing) facility.

The consultation begins when the client types and sends the first message, then the practitioner responds and so the consult continues. Within this medium the client and practitioner do not see each other, which makes this a popular choice for those who feel particularly anxious about being seen within the consult. For some people, the relative anonymity allows them to express themselves more freely and in a way that they would not perhaps feel able to during a consultation in which they and the practitioner are seen. It is also a preferred option for people where privacy is an issue, perhaps due to work or family or care commitments that would be prohibitive for a telephone or video call consultation.

Whilst instant chat consults begin with neither client nor practitioner being seen, it is not fixed and can be adapted to suit the changing needs of the client. Ultimately what we are all seeking is to be seen, heard and accepted as we truly are. As the therapeutic relationship grows and trust is established, clients often choose to switch on the video and while communication continues to be through typing, they are now able to visually interact and connect with their psychotherapist and begin the process of finding a safe way for them to be seen within a safe and caring relationship. Instant chat consultations allow people who may not otherwise seek help due to anxiety, to access support when it is needed, rather than when crisis erupts.

Telephone Consultations:

Telephone consultations are conducted through the medium of Skype. In this instance the consult begins when the client rings through to the practitioners Skype account.

As with instant chat consultations, in the telephone consult, neither the therapist nor the client can see each other. The main reasons clients choose this type of consultation are privacy related and wanting to access support without the exposure of being seen. Because the communication is verbal rather than typed it is possible for more content to be covered, and both client and practitioner can gain a good sense of each other through attentive listening. As with, the instant chat consults, telephone consultations are not fixed and can also be adapted to suit the needs of the client as the relationship develops and trust is established. This is given only as an option and is dependent on the wants and needs of the client.


Video call consults as, with the other two types of consultation take place through Skype. Consults begin when the client rings through with video link to their practitioners Skype account.

This consultation differs from the other two in that both the client and therapist are visible to each other. This can be very important for some people who want that visual connection, but for whatever reason, are unable to access traditional face to face therapeutic support. Where typing pace and style and content are the focus of instant chat consults and voice, tone and speed are the focus of telephone consultations, in the video consults, both people have access to the additional tool of seeing body language, facial expressions etc. in addition to the feedback associated with hearing. For some people, seeing who they are working with is as important for them as being seen themselves, and is an important aspect of connection and relationship establishment and development.

Step by step, how the process works.

Step One: Choosing a Therapist

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Step Two: Making your Booking

Consultation Type: To make your booking you first of all need to select what type of consult would suit you. You can review each consult type first: Instant chat, Telephone, Video call (Skype) and select the preferred consultation type.


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Step Three: Your Consultation:

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