Dutch Parliment Agrees Parental Alienation Action Plan

Dutch Parliament agrees Parental Alienation action plan

The Dutch House of Representatives agreed the following motion on May 29th 2022:

“noting that parental alienation is a major social problem and that in 2020 the Expert Team on parental alienation already recommended that parents be warned at an early stage that they are breaking the law and that they are made aware of the possible consequences thereof;

and although it is punishable, non-compliance with the (court-approved) agreements or visitation arrangements often remains without consequences and the situation of parental alienation often continues;

is of the opinion that the alienating parent should be informed as soon as possible that criminal action may be taken if agreements or access arrangements established by the court are not complied with;

calls on the Dutch government, in accordance with the recommendation of the Parental Alienation Expert Team, to develop a method whereby:
– parents are warned at an early stage that they are breaking the law;
– the determination of sanctions can take place quickly, for example through a short judicial procedure;
– the implementation of the established sanction is carried out by (police) agents who are well prepared for this.”

The motion was proposed by Michiel Van Nispen from the Socialist Party and Ulysse Ellian from the Peoples Party for Freedom and Democracy and was supported by most of the other parties apart from Democrats 66, the Splinter Party and two of the Christian parties.

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