About Systemic Family Therapy


Systemic psychotherapy, or family therapy, is a means of intervention that attempts to understand and address clients’ pain and distress within the context in which it occurs i.e. the family or relationships. The approach seeks not to isolate an individual patient, but rather to take account of the family as a whole, in whatever form that family group might take.

Clients are seen as being the experts in their own lives and the primary objective is to promote action towards change that will alleviate distress. Emotional, psychological and interpersonal problems are seen to arise within the context of how people experience their lives – how they make sense of reality and in their patterns of social engagement and interchange.

The therapist and clients work collaboratively to seek to understand how these patterns arise and how they are maintained; they do this through discussion, reflection and exploration in session and between sessions.

Family therapists work with individuals, couples, children and within the wider family context. Therapy focuses on a wide range of issues, allowing most difficulties to be explored, including family and relationship issues, anxiety, panic and depression. Consultations last 50mins – 1hr.

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