A safe pair of hands?

A safe pair of hands?

When working with families going through change, we feel a sense of responsibility to ensure that they receive high-quality service and care. When you want to refer a client for mediation, many solicitors, therapists, and other professionals are wondering, “How do I know that I’m referring my client to a quality mediator?”

My top tips:

  1. Find a qualified mediator. Accredited mediators have successfully completed a recognised training course. Each year, they must complete regular training to maintain standards. Qualified mediators must also have appropriate professional insurance.
  2. Find a mediator. All family mediators must be accredited and registered. One such professional body is the Mediators Institute of Ireland:
  3. Committed, quality mediator. Our mediators at changes.ie comply with the Mediation Institute of Ireland’s Code of Practice.  The focus is on helping families to resolve their differences in a way that minimises distress to the participants and to any children; promotes as good a relationship between the participants and any children as is possible; removes or diminishes any risk of abuse to any of the participants or children; and avoids any unnecessary cost to participants.

If you think family mediation is for your as you navigate your separation or divorce, or if you wish to make a referral, simply contact brian@changes.ie

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