Anxiety - Brian O'Sullivan Counselling -, counselling and psychotherapy in Laois

We all feel anxiety from time to time, but if we have a pattern where our anxiety affects the way we live our lives, we may need to address the anxiety and its underlying causes.

Psychotherapy can help in providing a safe and confidential environment in which to explore your anxiety often this exploration reveals beliefs about yourself and others that are contributing to your distress. Often our inner self talk can be critical of us and unhelpful. We may be concerned about the expectations of others and securing their approval for our actions or expect that we achieve perfection all of the time, becoming aware of how we relate to ourselves begins the process of healing.

Sometimes our anxiety can lead to panic within us as we try to avoid situations that are anxiety provoking for us, we can become isolated and miss out on opportunities in life. Our self esteem can suffer finding ways to support ourselves and develop self compassion, can reduce our anxiety and help us cope.

Over time new and freer patterns of behaviour can be developed which give you greater choices, more spontaneity and fulfilment in life.