The Alienated Child

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Parental Alienation  has been practised for as long as marital conflicts have occurred. It is the conscious action of one parent turning against another to oust the alienated parent from the affection, love respect or regard of their children. It works most effectively when used against younger, passive children (Loweinstein. F. 2007)

Parental Alienation is unlikely to occur in harmonious relationships where both parents encourage children to regard the other parent well and who work together to bring up their children appropriately with socialised standards of behaviour. They encourage the former partner to participate in guiding and caring for their children and afford each other equal importance in the upbringing of their children.

Depriving a former partner of positive contact with his or her children is a powerful weapon. Some alienators accuse the former partner, often unjustly of physically, emotionally and even sexually abusing the child. This results in the involvement of social workers, gardai, solicitors, Courts and leads to the humiliation of the alienated parent.

This process leads to a tragic outcome. When the alienated child, who previously had a loving and mutually satisfying relationship lose the nurture and joy of that relationship for many years and perhaps their lifetimes.