Parental alienation should be criminal offence, says group

Parental alienation should be criminal offence, says group

A parent who, following the breakdown of a relationship, attempts to turn their child or children against the other parent should be prosecuted, a support group has said.

The Parental Alienation Awareness Association said there was a lack of understanding in Ireland of how serious this form of alienation can be and how much damage can be caused to children as a result.

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Deliberate Self Harm.


O' Sullivan. B. (2014)  Paramedic's Attitudes to Deliberate Self Harming Behaviours in Ireland, Journal of Paramedic Practice, 6:3, pp.116-119.

The National Suicide Research Foundation tells us there were 12,216 presentations of Deliberate Self Harm (DSH) to) Irish Emergency Departments during 2011. They note the highest rate of DSH was among 15-19 year olds.

                                                   I feel as if I am drowning,

                                                   Drowning in the pits of hell,

Are Your Behaviors in The Best Interests of The Children

Though we often consider a separation or divorce to be a time when parents engage in behaviours that may be emotionally and psychologically damaging to children, the concern of children could be expanded in general to marital distress.

Consider the following, if you engage in any of the behaviours listed, it might be helpful to consider what messages these behaviours are sending to your children. Try to put yourself in the place of your child who needs a healthy relationship with both parents.

The Oppositional Child.

Parenting is not something any of us has been trained to do perfectly. Children do not arrive with a manual or instructions.

The Oppositional behaviour in your child may be frequently considered particularly "bad" or "offensive" however very often the opposite is true. Many of these children simply have a low frustration tolerance. When these children are having a difficult time with tasks, they may wish to cease the task in hand. For the child this may be the best way for them to eliminate their frustration.

Parental Alienation - The Alienated Child

 Brian has been published in peer reviewed and non peer reviewed journals nationally and internationally regarding the theme of Parental Alienation. He has completed the only qualitative  study regarding this phenomenon in Ireland. This study was conducted with permissions received from the Human Research Ethics Committe at University College Dublin. He is currently completing a PhD regarding parental alienation. Brian acts as a expert witness in complex private family law proceedings where a child is rejecting a previously loved parent.

Depression Check List checklist

With one in ten people experiencing depression at any one time, it is possible that you know someone that currently has depression. If you notice any changes in behaviour that last for more than two weeks in your friends or family members. It might be helpful to check with them and ask if they are Depressed. Below, you will find some questions that are designed to help you to reflect on your situation or that of someone close to you. They will not provide you with a diagnosis however they will tell you if you have symptoms that are common in people experiencing Depression.

Does Helping Hurt?

           O'Sullivan. B. (2012) Does Helping Hurt, Canadian Paramedicine (35) 1,pp. 25-27. 

This paper is intended as a source to stimulate reflection around the issues of Stress and Burnout for Paramedics, as they go about their daily practice within modern Pre-Hospital Emergency Care. It is also an attempt to raise awareness of impairment risks and introduce for consideration, the resilience strategies that may be available to the Paramedic wherever they may find themselves on the spectrum of wellness to impairment.